Friday, October 29, 2010

Gothic Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Gothic Doll Halloween Tutorial

Products Used: 

Mac NC20 Studio SPF Foundation
Makeup Forever Flash Color: White #010
Ben Nye: Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder
Puffer & Wedge

Mac Beauty Blush: On A Mission 
Victoria Secret: Primal 

TwoFaced Eyeshadow Insurance
Makeup Forever Flash Color: Fushia # 005 & Black #011
Mac Eyeshadow: Carbon & Gentle fume 
Victoria Secret Silky Eyeshadow Devoted & Primal
Mac Eye kohl: Fascinating 
Makeup Forever: Aqua Eyes Liner Silver
Doll Lashes 
Mac Plush Lash Mascara 
Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner 
Mac Mixing Medium 

Mac Kohl Eye Pencil: Feline
Mac Lipstick: Tribalist 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bloody Mary Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Bloody Mary Halloween Makeup Tutorial 

Products Used:

Makeup Forever Flash Color: White 010 & Coral 002
Ben Nye: Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder 
NYX: Black 
Wedge & Puffer
Ben Nye: Final Seal Spray

Blood Used: 
Ben Nye: Stage Blood
Mehron: Coagulated Blood Gel 

Mac Eyeshadow: Suspicion
NYX Eyeshadow: Black
Makeup Forever Blush #67 / Pink 
 Mac Khol Power Eye Pencil: Feline
Mac Plush Mascara: Black 
Black Contacts

Makeup Forever: #223 Black

Mehron Tooth FX Black

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Myths & Legends Contest MissChievous Entry

Succubus Based Off Of one of the Succubi Lilith
Goodluck Everyone!

Products Used:

Makeup Forever Flash Color
Colors: Black001, White010, Red017, Coral002, & Fuchsia005
Mac Khol Pencil: Smolder
Mac Pigment: Basic Red
Makeup Forever Blush: #99 RED
Mac Eyeshadows: Carbon & Suspicion
Nye Eyeshadow: Black
Ben Nye Face Sealer
Ben Nye Neutral colorless face powder (Set Face Makeup)

Mac Pigment: Basic Red
Mac Mixing medium Eyeliner
Amerikan Glitter: Fire Truck Red
Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner: Black
Mac: Mixing medium
Mac Khol power Pencil: Feline
Mac: Plush Lash Mascara
Eye Glue: DUO Adhesive 
Eyelashes: The Extreme Collection Hot

Mac Khol Pencil: Feline
Makeup Forever Lipstick  #223
Mac GlimmerGlass: Blackware

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vampire Series I Halloween Tutorial

This look was Inspired By Underworld very clean natural vampire Tutorial.

Products Used: 
Mac foundation NC20
Mac Studio Finish Pressed Powder NC20
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix 
None Latex Wedge 
Makeup Forever HD High definition powder 

Mac: Blooming & Beauty Powder Secret Blush LE

Eye Brows: 
Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder Duo 

Twofaced Eyeshadow Insurance
Mac Cream Color Base: Black
Mac Pigment: Vanilla & Dark Soul
Medusa's Makeup Eye Dust: Helter Skelten 
NYX Eyeshadow: Black
Victoria Secret Silky EyeshadowA: Fierce 
Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner: Black 
Mac Mixing Medium 
Mac Kohl Eye Pencil: Feline
Mac Plush Lash Mascara: Black

Where I got the Contacts: 

Victoria Secret Lip Liner: Nude
Victoria Secret Perfect Lipstick: Melt
Victoria Secret Lip Lacquer: True 
Vampire Teeth: Scare Crow
Mac 160,213,224,226,116,252,209
Stila 5,7, & 9 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red Riding Hood Zombie Tutorial

Red Little Riding Hood Zombie. 
So this is a Red Little Riding Hood Zombie Tutorial. I know I did her already but I wanted to do a dead version of her. Since in the Real Story (Grim brothers Tales) She was eaten alive by the Big Bad wolf. Plus this is what I'm being for Halloween. I didn't want her to look disgusting like a your cliche Zombie just dead looking right after she was attacked before she was eaten alive basically. She's a pretty Zombie!
Products Used:
Same As The Clean Red Little Riding hood Tutorial
TwoFaced Shadow Insurance
Mac Cream Color Base: White
Mac Pigment Basic red
mac Intriguing Scarlet 6 Warm Eyes LE: Real Drama
Mac Vanilla & Carnon
Mac Khol Power Pencil: Feline
Mac Plush lash Mascara: Plush Black
Mac Mixing Medium
Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner: 1 Black

Mac PaintStick: Pure White
Ben Nye Neutral Set

Ben Nye Liquid Latex
Ben Nye Spirit Gum 
(Use on skin 1st before you apply paper then the latex)

Toilet Tissue
Makeup Forever Flash Color: 
Red 017,White010, & Black 011
Mac: Gloss
Mac Eyeshadows: Carbon & Real Drama
Blood:  Bottle Of Blood

Jordano Black EyeLiner
Mac Lipstick: Tribalist LE
Makeup Forever Black #223

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snow White Tutorial

 Hiya guys so this is a inspired Snow White Halloween Tutorial. It's a very simple clean version.
Watch Here: 
Products Used: 

Mac NC 20 Studio Stick Foundation 
Mac NC20 Pressed Poweder
Mac NC25 Studio Fix
None Latex Wedge 

Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder Duo-II

Mac Secret Blush Beauty Powder LE

Two Faced Shadow Insurance 
Mac Layin Low Paint Pot
Mac Vanilla
Kat Von D Ludwig palette 
Tequila,Clay,Downtown, & Baroque 
Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil: Feline
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: Tropper
Mac Plush Lash Mascara: PlushBlack 

Mac Lip Conditioner Hydratant 
Mac Prep + Prime 
Mac Creme Stick Liner: Red Enriched 
Mac Russian Red Lip Stick
Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss: Plush Red 

Mac: 116, 213,224,150,226,
Stila 5
SmashBox Two Ended brow Brush


Friday, September 24, 2010

Victorian Goth Makeup Tutorial

Victorian Goth Makeup Tutorial 
Watch here:

Products Used: 

TwoFaced Shadow Insurace Eye Primer
Makeup Forever Flash Color Black 001
Mac: Suspicion,Sketch, & Vanilla  
Urban Decay: Last Call, SmashBox: Envy 
Victoria Secret Silky Eyeshadow: Primal 
Mac: Kohl Power Eye Pencil: Feline
Ben Nye Cake Eye liner: El-1 Black
Mac mixing medium
Mac plush Lash Mascara 

  Mac Lip Conditioner 
Mac Cremestick Liner: Velvetella 
Cover Girl Perfect Blend Pencil Crayon: Basic Black 
Mac Amplified Tribalist

Beauty Powder: On A Mission L/E
Beauty Powder: X-Rocks L/E